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[DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1607,1613,1614,1615,1616,1618,1620″ title=”IPR Overview and Trademark Filing – 14 August 2018″ href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1593,1594,1595,1596,1624″ title=”IPR Overview and Data Protection Law – 18 August 2018″ href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1459,1462,1463,1464,1465,1466″ title=”5-day Summer School On Domestic Arbitration Law Resources – 2nd June – 6th June 2018 ” href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1313,1311,1309,1307,1301″ title=”IPR Overview and Trademark Filing – 21 December, 2017″ href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1398,1377″ title=”One-day Workshop on Insolvency Law – 24 December, 2017″ href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1122,966,965,924,922″ title=”5-day Winter School on Applied Domestic Arbitration Law” href=””] [DisplayAssignedWorkshop pr_arr=”1261,1255,1200,1199,1198,1197″ title=”5-day Summer School on Applied Criminal Trial Law” href=””]

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