5-day Winter School On Applied Domestic Arbitration Law


5-day Winter School On
Applied Domestic Arbitration Law

In Collaboration with

Delhi High Court Bar Association & Atmabodh

26th-30th December, 2016 (10:00AM to 5:00 PM)

@Claridges Hotel, New Delhi

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Primarily aimed at lawyers with 0-5 years post-qualification experience lawyers in the area of arbitration law, the 5 full day workshops shall cover the entire spectrum of practice of domestic arbitration law in India. The sessions will include drafting of arbitration agreements, process of invoking arbitration, drafting of arbitration clauses, drafting of claim and reply to claim and leading evidence in arbitral proceedings. Special emphasis will be laid on the practical aspects of enforcing an arbitral award and on filing objections under Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Key take-aways from the workshop will be:

  • Sharpen your skills through case-studies and hands-on exercises with experts
  • Interact with industry personnel and gather their expectations from you
  • Acquire the ability to handle a typical instruction in the area
  • seniors and experts who can help you if you are stuck
  • Know enough to face an informed client confidently
  • Meet peers interested in the subject

  • Hon'ble Justice S.N. Jha (Retd.)
  • A.K. Chhabra (Advocate)
  • Maurya Vijay Chandra (Advocate)
  • Asutosh Lohia (Advocate)
  • Dhiranjan Malvey (Advocate)
  • Dalbir Singh Sehrawat (General Counsel)

  • Delhi High Court Bar Association
  • Atmabodh

Atmabodh, an NGO dedicated to the capacity building of the legal profession, promotion of human rights and conservation of cultural heritage has decided to grant 10 full/ part fee scholarship/ bursary to lawyers under the age of 25 years. The participants will need to register and pay for the conference in the regular manner and can claim re-imbursement after participating on all 5-days of the workshop.

Date Session Theme
26/12/2016 Seeking and resisting enforcement of Arbitration Awards
27/12/2016 Drafting, filing and responding to objections against an arbitral award
28/12/2016 Invoking Arbitration, Referring to Arbitration by court and interim orders before appointment of arbitrators
29/12/2016 Decision points and strategic consideration while drafting and interpreting arbitration agreements
Appeals from orders under section 9, 11 and 34
30/12/2016 Drafting of claims, conducting initial proceedings, procedure before Arbitrator, drafting reply and counter-claim
The future landscape of arbitration

  • Full Fee: Rs, 10,000
  • Young Lawyers: Rs. 5,500
  • Women Lawyers: Rs. 5,500
  • DHCBA Lawyers: Rs. 5,500


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5-day Winter School On Applied Domestic Arbitration Law